Don’t be an Asshole

You never know what someone is going through. People you come into contact with every day, strangers, work colleagues, friends, family… everyone has a story.

That person serving you in the supermarket, they didn’t talk and were seemingly rude – they were up all night with their toddler who just. Won’t. Sleep.

The person that cut you up on the roundabout and you screamed at – they were lost and panicking already and quite frankly having a really crappy day.

The person who bumped into you and didn’t stop to say sorry – they are really anxious in crowds and were trying desperately to get out so they could breathe again.

I work from home often and have sent multiple cheery emails saying “hope you have a lovely weekend/day/evening” all the while tears streaming down my face, desperately trying to finish my work so I could log off. I’ve sat and thought, these people will never know how much my heart was breaking when I sent this.

I will always try to be kind for this reason. I’m told that I am too nice, that people will take advantage and some people are just assholes. I am not always nice, I get road rage at times, I snap at people, I have been rude and gotten annoyed at others. However I will always try to acknowledge when I am in fact being an asshole. To the strangers that I may have been rude to, I can’t go back and say sorry. I just hope that maybe they think like me. I hope that maybe on my bad days, they can see it, that they will know. Honestly there have been so many times that I am screaming on this inside for someone to just notice. Please someone notice that I am really not ok. Sure I’m way more open now, but sometimes the words won’t come out. Sometimes you need that one person to give you a damn break, offer a helping hand, be kind.

The lesson here is don’t be an asshole. Somebody that you come into contact with could possibly need some understanding and maybe just a little break.

Stay strong warriors – have a lovely weekend 💜