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What have you got to be sad about?

What have you got to be sad about? I have been asked that many times. For all the work I've done to be open and honest about mental illness, I have still been asked this question recently. This question and the attitude that comes with it, is what makes me feel like I have to… Continue reading What have you got to be sad about?


Bittersweet Symphony

Mental illness… it’s a funny one… not funny like ‘haha’. Funny like, ‘tricksy little bitch that sets out to ruin your day and you have to fight against it on the daily just to function like a semi-normal human being and sometimes you just want to cry because fuck you mental illness’ (I purposely didn’t… Continue reading Bittersweet Symphony

Coping Tools

Hey there! I felt the need to write a post about some of my coping tools, it may not work for everyone but you never know, it could help someone! So if you’ve read all my blogs, or know me personally, you’ll know that I didn’t always talk about my problems. Before I had my… Continue reading Coping Tools