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Don’t be an Asshole

You never know what someone is going through. People you come into contact with every day, strangers, work colleagues, friends, family… everyone has a story. That person serving you in the supermarket, they didn’t talk and were seemingly rude – they were up all night with their toddler who just. Won’t. Sleep. The person that […]

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Happy 2nd Birthday

Happy Blog Birthday!! So today is 2 years since I started my blog. Oh how much has changed in those two years. I’ve taken leaps forward in recovery. I’ve also slipped down the rabbit hole of depression, discovered an eating disorder, found both healthy and very unhealthy ways of coping, and worried that I would […]

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It’s ok to lose your spark

I keep seeing a quote pop up (which of course I can’t find when I want to reference it) something about the tools you used to survive may not be the same ones to heal. I’ve definitely got the wording wrong but the message is there. The tools I used to survive were binging, be […]

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Bittersweet Symphony

Mental illness… it’s a funny one… not funny like ‘haha’. Funny like, ‘tricksy little bitch that sets out to ruin your day and you have to fight against it on the daily just to function like a semi-normal human being and sometimes you just want to cry because fuck you mental illness’ (I purposely didn’t […]

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New York New York!

I am writing this on very little sleep so if some of it doesn’t make sense I apologise!! I just need to say though… I bloody did it!!! I have pushed through my fears and done many things on my recovery road. This though, this was the biggest so far. I went to New York […]

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How are you?

I met up with friends yesterday and I was visibly sad. My one friend asked “why didn’t you tell me earlier when I asked how you were?” my answer was that I thought I was ok, but it changed. She told me that I should have told her it changed. How many people do that […]

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Sunday Thoughts

Hello lovelies! Sunday is my day of resetting, recharging, cleaning, sometimes gyming and today a little bit of blogging. This morning I sat and thought about everything that has been going on with me lately. There have been setbacks, heartbreak, tears, anxiety meltdowns, questioning my choices, feeling like I can’t go on… There have also […]

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